Gray Away Wood Seal

Baker’s Gray Away wood stain is a premium, long lasting, easy to apply stain, sealer and wood preservative perfect for Fences, Decks, Roofs, Siding and Log homes. Special UV stable pigments, resins and heavy duty penetrating oils make Baker’s stains the first choice of professionals for deck staining, fence staining, deck sealing, fence sealing, staining cedar shakes and siding and any other exterior wood sealing project.

How IT Works

Penetrating oil stains work by staining and sealing the wood 100% below the surface of the wood. They leave no coating, film or build-up on the surface, and will never flake, peel or chip.

Our Product Can Be Used For

Deck Staining

Fence Staining

Deck Sealing

Fence Sealing

Staining Cedar Shakes

Exterior Wood Sealing

Exterior Wood Cleaning And Sealing Specialists

DeckTeck is dedicated to protecting outdoor wood from premature failure due to sunlight graying, mildew and algae. We specialize in restoring and treating decks, fences, hot tubs etc.

Our unique “Gray Away” treatment adds years of life to outdoor wood while maintaining a natural wood appearance.

What makes a Bakers Gray Away Wood Seal treatment special?

Decks and fences are from wood, one of the most biodegradable materials on Earth. It is food for rot, mold, mildew, and a host of other organisms. This is nature’s way of recycling dead trees and plants. But you want your wooden deck to last!

That is why it needs to be treated with a quality wood seal/ preservative. That’s where Bakers Gray Away Wood Seal fits in, Gray Away combines the beauty of a durable penetrating oil finish with the protection of premium wood preservative system. It protects against decay, warping, and cracking, provides UV protection and is mildew resistant.

Without it, weather damage can start to deteriorate the wood, causing it to split, check and warp, become discolored and unattractive.

Many decks that were once beautiful sources of pride are now ugly and damaged – No longer the assets they used to be.

But with a little work and the right products and the application techniques – DeckTeck can rescue your deck or fence and keep it looking beautiful.

All Finishes Are Not Equal

Finishes that provide an attractive, mildew free appearance for more than two years are limited. Weathering tests conducted by Texas Forest Laboratory show that the most wood stains and water repellants last only seven to twelve months before mildew and weathering begin. These test results tell us:

  • The new finish you apply must be pigmented to keep the wood looking natural.
  • The pigment must be high quality so that it complements rather than masks the wood.
  • The finish must contain preservatives to control mildew fungi.
  • A penetrating water repellant and ultraviolet light absorber will help the finish maintain a good appearance.
  • The finish should penetrate into the wood rather than form a surface film. Surface films eventually crack and peel, requiring scraping and sanding before refinishing. Such refinished surfaces never look natural.
  • An outdoor finish should not contain a high linseed oil content because it can promote the growth of mildew. Linseed will turn the wood black quicker than if the wood had nothing done to it.

Baker’s Gray Away Wood Seal

Baker’s Gray Away Wood Seal has shown excellent results on decks, fences and exterior wood. It is formulated for the Gulf Coast area to protect outside wood from sunlight graying, cracking, mildew and algae. Tests conducted by the Texas Forest Service indicate that Bakers formula will provide an excellent color maintance and mildew protection for three to five years when applied properly.

DeckTeck is an exclusive distributor and applicator for Baker’s Gray Away Wood Seal. In the San Antonio area. We offer the following remedies for your wood restoration projects.

  • Sealing new decks and fences.
  • Stripping, cleaning and sealing of old weathered decks and fences.
  • We properly clean your deck/ fence and you seal it.
  • If you want to do the entire project, DeckTeck will supply you with the best wood cleaners, conditioners, and sealant (Gray Away) available.

Our Clients Love Us

“As a professional wood restoration company, my customers look to me for the best products available. I have found that Baker’s Gray Away penetrating sealer provides superior protection, enhanced beauty, and longevity that is unmatched. The ease of application has increased my company’s overall productivity. I have found this product not only superior, but is cost comparable to popular stains of lesser value found at professional paint stores.”

“When we first got into the wood restoration business I was looking for a great stain to uphold the reputation of my business. None of the stains that were available locally performed up to our standards. After months of searching, we came across Baker’s Gray-Away. It was almost too good to be true, Baker’s seemed to fit our needs to a tee. We highly recommend this product to the beginner or the experienced applicator or homeowner.”

“I own an exterior cleaning and restoration company. I was sold hook line and sinker on the Baker’s Gray Away product the very first time I used it. After applying the finish coat on the deck a severe thunderstorm rolled up fast and poured down on all my hard work. I was sick. I pulled up a chair with the homeowner and to our amazement the water just rolled off the deck and after it stopped all the stain was still there without any water spots or anything.”

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